Privacy Policy

PROTECTIONAbout protection of personal information

We aim to deliver superior products and services to our customers, as well as obtain customer satisfaction and trust. As part of that, we have the following policy to appropriately protect and handle customer’s personal information.

  1. We will appoint a person responsible for the protection of personal information for each organization dealing with personal information and work on appropriate management.
  2. We will provide you with personal information within the appropriate range after announcing the purpose of use and the window of our company etc. to the customer.
  3. We will use your personal information only within the scope of the purpose announced in advance or consented to you.
  4. We will not provide or disclose your personal information to third parties unless we have previously acknowledged from you or accepted by law.
  5. We will respond appropriately when customer contacts the contact person in charge about inquiries of your personal information from the customer.
  6. In order to securely manage personal information, we will endeavor to secure and improve security.
  7. In compliance with relevant laws and regulations and other norms, we will strive to continually improve and improve personal information protection efforts in accordance with changes in the environment.

HANDLINGAbout the handling of personal information

1.Purpose of use
Used when businesses need to share information during meetings and related organizations to smoothly perform services based on the law of the welfare law for the elderly.
2.Conditions for use
  1. Use this when the business operator needs to share information in coordination with related organizations or related organizations for implementing services in accordance with the law of the welfare law for the elderly.
  2. The business operator should record the conference, counterparty, content, etc using personal information.
3.Contents of personal information (example)
  • · Status regarding users and family members that are the minimum necessary for business operators to provide services, such as name, address, health status, medical history, family situation
  • ·Other information
    * “Personal information” is information on individual users and their families, which means that a specific individual can be identified or identified.